Referral Policy

Information for Referring Veterinarians

Download the Referral FormDirect Referrals

  • Route 66 Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care accepts patient transfers during all normal operating hours.
  • We provide a wide range of referral services including hospitalization for patients ranging from stable patients needing the most basic of supportive care to the most critical of cases. Available services include fluid therapy, oxygen therapy, heat support, blood product administration, continuous patient monitoring, advanced pain management, emergency surgical procedures, endoscopic foreign body retrieval, ultrasound and isolation for infectious cases.
  • All cases requiring continued care will be returned to your facility the next morning. Our discharge time is 8 am If your facility is not available or advanced care is required we will make every effort to include the referring veterinarian on any decisions regarding transfer to a secondary care facility or specialty practice.
  • The one exception to the above would be infectious cases, such as parvo, that require continued care. We are able to offer daytime monitoring every day in this instance to avoid the further spread of communicable diseases.
  • When referring a case, please either fill out the referral form on this page electronically and email to or fax to (844) 269-6728.
  • All pertinent medical records can also be either emailed or faxed. Digital radiographs can be sent either by email, CD, or website links through sites such as Antech Imaging.
  • When possible a phone call from the referring veterinarian is always appreciated to discuss the case and expectations going forward. We will provide you with a record of your patient’s visit upon discharge. This can be sent by email or fax depending on your preference.

Indirect Referrals

At Route 66 Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Center we encourage all of our referral practices to provide your clients with contact information to our facility in the following ways:

  • Including our phone number on your answering service and web site for after hours emergencies.
  • We can provide you with small door signs for your facility with our contact information and location.