Information for Referring Veterinarians

Download the Referral FormReferring veterinarians, we created Route 66 Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center to serve as an extension of your practice. Being open 24/7 and all holidays allows us to provide care at times when you are not available.

We strive to foster the bond between you and your clients. Therefore, Route 66 VECCC does not provide wellness services of any kind. After treatment, your clients are asked to return to your facility for follow-up care. When specialty care is indicated, every effort is made to include you in referral decisions unless a critical situation precludes us from being able to discuss the case directly.

We value collaborating with you

Emergency and critical care veterinary medicine should be a collaborative effort between the referring veterinarian and the emergency clinician. Because of this, we value active communication on all facets of care, starting with the initial referral and extending beyond discharge of your patients the following day. Call for updates on your patients at any time during our operating hours. Additionally, we welcome emails and try to reply within 24 hours of receiving messages. We provide case updates and records upon discharge of your patients from our hospital.

Highlights for referring veterinarians

  • Reliable overnight care
  • Open 24 hours on weekends
  • Holiday support
  • Well-equipped facility
  • Affordable, state-of-the-art care
  • Efficient hospital design
  • Exceptional and compassionate care for both clients and pets alike

We encourage you to utilize our services so that you can see firsthand the difference that truly focused, compassionate care can make for you, your clients and their pets.

Learn more about our referral policies for referring veterinarians.

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