Body Care

Body Care, or After Care, is a deeply personal and important step in saying goodbye to your pet. If your pet should pass away, you will have some choices to make. These include what will happen with your pet’s body. There is no right or wrong answer. Our caring staff are able to support you and help you navigate your options.


Having a physical place to visit your pet can be comforting. If you choose burial, you may take your pet home in a casket we provide. Find pet burial resources in Albuquerque »


Pet cremation can be a more affordable option and is available in Albuquerque. We work with an excellent, local pet cremation company who helps us provide this service. Cremation options include:

  • Group cremation: Your pet is cremated with other pets.
  • Individual cremation: Your pet is cremated by itself and the ashes returned to you. Please note, ashes can take 7-14 days on average to be returned to you.

Remembering Your Pet

Finding a way to memorialize your pet is an important step in moving forward. Read our pet memorial ideas »

Get the Support You Need

Ultimately, losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a human family member. Please take care of yourself and allow time for mourning. Read our bereavement resources to help you during this challenging time.

Please contact us at (505) 266-7866 or if you have any questions.

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